Smartcard Authentication - Secure & Easy

Key-Registration Form

Here you can register your public key for usage with one of the Smartcard Authentication - Secure & Easy products. Please select the appropriate type of registration below:

Product Price (brutto / VAT included)
Smartcard enabled Pageant.exe EUR 20
OpenPGP enabled Pageant.exe EUR 1
SAP SNC-Adapter prepaid only

In order to register your key you must fill in the fingerprint of your key in the field below. Please doublecheck whether you entered the correct value. If you register the wrong key then your licence file will not work. One way to avoid registering a wrong key is to cut&paste the fingerprint. Most Smartcard Authentication - Secure & Easy programs have a registration-button which will direct you to this registration page and fill in the fingerprint into the field below.

Fingerprint of your public key:

Your licence file will be emailed to you. Please enter the address that should be used below. If you do not enter an email-adress your licence will be either mailed to your PayPal email-address or to the email address that you specified when you bought your prepaid-code.

If your licence was prepaid, please enter your prepaid code below. Please notice that every prepaid code can be used only for a fixed number of times, so again - please doublecheck that you have selected the correct product and have entered the correct fingerprint before you use a prepaid code.

If you need an invoice please let me know.